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License a Prince Street Players Show

Each script, Libretto/Vocal book and Conductor Score from Prince Street Players, Ltd that is leased from MTI includes a wealth of information to help you produce a polished theatre event

Included when you lease a Prince Street Players, Ltd. show from Music Theatre International


  • Libretto/Vocal Books

  • Full Score

  • Contact Information from Prince Street Players, Ltd. staff for help and advice

Detailed Production notes

  • Costume and Set Sketches

  • Casting - Description of Characters and vocal/dance requirements

  • Suggestions on Lighting the show

  • Explanation of any special sound or technical effects to enhance the production

  • Suggestions for building props and a list of props used in the show

  • Makeup Suggestions

  • Notes about the music

Also available: (additional cost)


  • Cue-to-Cue CDs for rehearsal purposes or for actual backing of live performances (Currently only available for Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella.)

  • Study Guides for the Classroom

  • Publicity and Marketing Materials

  • Reference Recordings of former productions

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