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Sleeping Beauty (Prince Street Players' Version) is yet another brilliant offering from Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy - the creative forces behind Prince Street Players, the Company is praised as the gold standard of Theatre for Young Audience.

Infuriated to not have received an invitation to the Royal Christening, the comically evil fairy Trollarina exacts her revenge on the royal family and her sister fairies by casting a spell on Princess Melisande. Sixteen years later, the Princess is sent into a decade long sleep after pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. Little does Trollarina realize, more than one spell is about to be broken thanks to the kiss of an enchanted Faun.


A clever cultivation of production factors makes Sleeping Beauty (Prince Street Players' Version) ideal for any company that produces Theatre for Young Audiences: small cast size, minimal set requirements, and a lyrical score. As with all Prince Street Players' shows, the materials for Sleeping Beauty (Prince Street Players' Version) include spectacularly detailed costume designs, prop descriptions, and stage notes should they be needed by the creative team.

For further information, song samples,  production requirements and leasing, visit the Music Theatre International page for Sleeping Beauty.

Book and Lyrics by Jim Eiler

Music by Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy

Cast Size: Flexible

Cast Type: Ensemble Cast

Sleeping Beauty

Also Available: (Additional Fee)

  • Music Cue-to-Cue CD (for select shows only)

  • Marketing materials

What's Included:

A sleeping princess, a spellbound Prince and fairies galore are all part of this quirky adaptation of the popular tale.
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